Rolling into the weekend

For this week’s BW photo challenge Cee is pushing us to be creative with the theme: Half-circles 😀 Happy Friday, y’all!!

Last photo for June

I came across a fun photo challenge recently here on WP… Brian at Bushboy World invites us to post the last photo we’ve taken during the month, phone or camera, no editing, not… Continue reading

A wall in blue

*Posted in response to the wonderful Cee’s fun photo challenge: Anything painted  

Afternoon shadows

*Posted in response to Cee’s fun photo challenge: door knobs and handles 😀  

Summery orange

I say we get some summer vibes with a medley of fiery orange 😀 Happy Friday, y’all! xx  

Rivers know this…

Every time I take a look at this photo, I think of vay cay. There are only two weeks left till the end of this school year and the boys literally can’t wait…… Continue reading


*Posted for the wonderful Cee’s BW photo challenge: Benches  

May at a glance

I know there are two more days left of May, but I need to catch up on work during the weekend, so will hardly have any time to take any more shots, alas…… Continue reading

The heart is a lonely hunter

It’s been a long and rainy week, and I don’t mind the rainy part. Curling up now with this book by Carson McCullers, which I’m referring to in the title… it’s such a… Continue reading

Street lights



Gone shopping for some color treats 😀  

Butter to my bread

Joining again wonderful Cee’s fun photo challenge: Sense of tasting  

It’s been a good day

Teenagers are the most elusive creatures, mine is almost impossible to catch on camera lol… So when I got the chance today I literally forgot all about proper framing, rule of thirds, etc… Continue reading

The block across the street

Yep, that’s one ghostly block, you guys…jk 😀 “Vertical panning” experiment or the effect you get when you forget to change the previous settings on your camera and take a hand-held photo at… Continue reading

Friday I’m in love

Now that’s the type of graffiti I like 😀 Title credit goes to ♫ The Cure! Happy Friday, y’all!!  

End of lockdown

The month of May has brought us the news that we can go out to parks and ditch wearing face masks outdoors, the 2-ft distancing remains in place. Kids will not be going… Continue reading


Keeping it simple…  

April at a glance

I wish I had time to take photos every day, but in reality, if I have taken at least one photo a week, it’s been a good month. And this month I took… Continue reading

Red. Apple.

Happily joining Cee’s fun photo challenge this week: Sense of touching 🍎  

Double vision

Some days are bright and clear. Some days are pretty damn meh. *Joining wonderful Cee’s weekly photo challenge: Sense of seeing…  

Sweet nothing

Light trails. Kinda. And party for one. Just because.


It’s Easter here today (the Orthodox Easter). So by tradition yesterday we dyed eggs, more like the little one dyed his hands lol… Typically we would travel on this day, go out of… Continue reading


We got some nice moody April light in the apartment these days. And plenty of music ♫



Jointing again lovely Cee’s weekly fun photo challenge: Pick a topic…