I just love reflections. These are easy two portraits with one shot. Plus, I’m two times happy he still let’s me take his picture lol … Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Yellow clothespins

Sunny February day today

Three years later…

Yep, I know, we’ll hardly ever catch up, so grab a cup of coffee (or latte, if you like) and let’s start over… #neverlateforafreshstart


The long wished-for spring is finally here, and with lots of rain… been feeling under the weather and a bit down lately, but the rain seems to be washing everything away, doing its… Continue reading

Rainy Thessaloniki, Greece

Hey guys ♥ Am back from a short trip to Greece for the weekend. Had a brief stop at Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city on the Aegean Sea. It was raining and was… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: A good match

I think we can safely conclude that I love blue color lol :>)) Funny thing is that I don’t go around searching for blue things to photograph, it’s just the color really seems to… Continue reading

Snow in the city

Winter just won’t go away… After an almost spring-like Saturday, snow is back in full swing… And it keeps snowing like crazy right at this moment… Hope you had a great weekend, guys?… Continue reading

A home

Thursday… #InTheHood

Through the window

With temperatures expected to drop to -20 C /-4 F in the next few days and too much flu going around, schools in BG will be closed for four more days… so these two… Continue reading

It’s the simplest things…

You know that famous quote that “life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated?” That is absolutely true, for the most part… But not when one is on the road… Life… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

The short caption to this photo would be “Early morning coffee is my best partner” lol… And althought that’s true, the real caption behind this photo is a bit different… I was watching… Continue reading

Here, in my arms…

Butterflies love me (True story!). That’s weird. But I’m a bit of a weirdo, so this prolly explains it… A car was passing by down the street, while this butterfly was dancing on… Continue reading

All’s well that ends well…

My older son’s tonsillectomy on Monday wasn’t exactly a breeze, due to an unexpected complication… We are not eating ice-cream for now, I’ll have to be experimenting with soup recipes instead (yikes!)… But… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Keeping it simple… * Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract  

Lucky No.6

23/365… Or maybe not so lucky if it’s yet another bill lol… *Guys, I been messing up royally with the blog and quite successfully deleted all my photos and followers… If you are… Continue reading


Somewhere between losing and finding myself. I’m blue. And sadly, not invisible today….

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

October’s (extra)ordinary colors… though recurring every year, they never cease to amaze me…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

S p r i n g – S u m m er – F a l l – W i n t e r… Seasons may change, but kiddo’s level of happiness seems… Continue reading

First day of first grade

First day of first grade at school, 15 September 2015. For the record, now, two days later, after having to get up real early in the mornings and spend the whole day at… Continue reading

Stolen moments…

♫ Chicane “Leaving Town” Just getting back home and already dreaming of hitting the road again…


Friday. Empty spaces and mood swings…  

As you wish…

Thursday. Had a guest on my balcony this afternoon. I can still feel its tiny wings fluttering up and down my fingers. It felt like a million tiny kisses and it tickled lol…… Continue reading

Ghost town…

♫ James Blake “Limit to your love”

well, hello, May…

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months… thanks for all the sweet messages, love, support and “chicken soup”, guys… ima gradually starting to crawl out of my dark place and hope to… Continue reading